InnoVent, a 21st Century IT Leasing Company

2nd Life IT Refurbished Computer Equipment

At InnoVent we strongly believe in the re-use of technology assets, giving assets a 2nd Life, as it reduces unnecessary waste, and provides affordable computing to users in the UK and Africa.

InnoVent processes thousands of end of lease IT assets every month in our reprocessing centres in the UK and Africa. The assets we receive back from our lease clients include smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, printers and audio-visual equipment.

Our 2nd Life IT programme provides business quality computer equipment at a fraction of the cost of new equipment and is covered by a comprehensive next business day warranty. On arrival at our facilities we securely data purge all hardware assets to remove all data and software from the devices. We also thoroughly test assets prior to commencing the refurbishment and up-cycling process.

2nd Life does not mean second hand, our 2nd Life IT inventory of business grade, Dell, HP and Lenovo desktops, monitors and laptops with Windows 10 Professional is available for delivery within 72 hours of order.

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