Innovent - a completely new way of financing all of your IT needs.

Borrow from £1,000 to £1,000,000... Fast decisions
with none of the fuss.

Innovent - a completely new way of financing all of your IT needs.

Borrow from £1,000 to £1,000,000... Fast decisions
with none of the fuss.

Our finance packages save you money, save you time, and ensure you always have the right IT equipment when you need it. Not all leasing companies are the same - let us show you why we are so different from the rest.

Massively Reducing The Cost of Owning IT.

  • Lease computers, laptops, mobile phones, servers ... you name it we can lease it.
  • We lease all the very latest brand new computers and phones as well as refurbished equipment.
  • Low monthly costs and no up-front payments.
  • It's actually cheaper to lease through us than to buy yourself.
  • We rent - and then we rent again. That's because there's a huge market for brand new equipment and a huge market for reconditioned IT equipment as well. So we rent again to second users.
  • This means we really value your IT equipment when you no longer want it. As a result, our finance deals are the most competitive in the market place.
  • But our competitive advantage doesn't end there. Since we're buying the equipment on your behalf we make sure it's always at the best possible price. 
  • We also make sure you are not getting equipment that is nearing the end of its life. We want the very latest IT so it has the longest possible life.
  • This not only makes us the best, the most affordable and the most innovative finance company - it also makes us the greenest .... and that's what makes us unique!
  • Call our London office today on 020 7123 4570. We challenge you to find a cheaper price anywhere.

Lease computers. Lease phones. Lease all your office equipment.

  • We offer both new and refurbished computer equipment for SMEs and Blue Chip Organisations across the world.
  • Amazing prices. Our lease finance packages reduce your annual costs of owning IT.
  • No upfront fees so we will massively improve your cash flow. So keep your money where it works best for you.
  • Most tax-efficient way of getting all the technology you need.
  • You always have the very latest computers, phones, servers and printers. You get all the equipment you need - exactly when you need it.
  • Lease mobile phones at a fraction of the cost of a mobile tech fund.
  • Totally flexible leasing - at the end of the finance term you're in total control.
  • We offer the total Asset Management solutions that will reduce your annual costs, improve your cash flow, and gives you better stock management.
  • Fast delivery. We're based in London but supply across the whole of Europe.
  • Full warranty and support. Equipment leasing at its very best.
  • We are a totally green, ethical lease finance company that cares about the total life of all the IT we supply. Affordable sustainability.

... because not all leasing companies are the same.

Innovent reduces the cost of IT ownership.

Based in Central London we provide businesses both large and small with all the IT they need now. Leasing your IT means you can have the technology you need without hurting your cash flow.

Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, servers ..... you name it, we lease it.

The costs savings are huge - and so are the benefits.

InnoVent is the leading UK Asset and Lease Management Specialist for New and Refurbished IT equipment.

We have one aim: reduce our clients' total cost of IT ownership. 

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