Sustainable IT Solutions for businesses

At InnoVent we provide cost-effective and hassle-free solutions for all the technology needs a business can have.
From procurement to secure IT disposal, effective management to In-life support and so much more.

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Refurbished laptops

Explore our 2nd Life IT laptops. Refurbished to as good as new and at an affordable price. A better alternative for the Earth, a smart alternative for businesses.

Why InnoVent?

These are the Top 5 reasons our clients choose to work with us

Latest Blogs


Empowering Education with Bluestone’s Expertise and InnoVent’s Sustainable Solutions

Schools are continually seeking ways to enhance their infrastructure while adhering to stringent budgetary constraints. This need has inspired a dynamic collaboration between Bluestone and InnoVent, a partnership that aims to provide refurbished technology solutions specifically designed for the education sector.


Why Charities benefit from Refurbished IT Solutions

Charities face unique challenges when it comes to IT decisions, including limited budgets, evolving service needs, and environmental concerns. In this blog, we explore how refurbished IT equipment can help charities address these challenges effectively.


Why Law Firms Should Prepare for Windows 11 and Hardware Refresh

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, law firms must adapt to stay ahead. One significant shift on the horizon is the adoption of Windows 11 and the imperative to refresh outdated hardware, particularly those running on 8th Gen processors and older models.